End of Tenancy Check Out

The check out takes place at the end of the tenancy once the property is vacant. The clerk will attend the property and will go through the inventory created & agreed at the start of the tenancy. Notes will be made detailing any missing items, dilapidations, cleanliness, landlord maintenance and fair wear and tear. These notes will be used to compile the final check out report. A record of all keys returned will be made and meter readings will be recorded. As with the check in process pictures will be take of each room along with any areas highlighting concerns.

Tenants will be invited to be present for check out, although there is no legal requirement for them to attend it is recommended. Where tenants are present the clerk will go through the report making the tenant(s) aware of any concerns they may have. A schedule of condition at check out will be completed which is a general summary of the condition of the property and this will be agreed and signed by both parties.

The inventory clerk will be the last to leave the property and will ensure it is locked and left secure before vacating.